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What Is It?

What Is It?

Dunamis (Doo'na-mis) is the Greek word for power. It is the best word to describe athletic or Olympic competition. It also refers to the miraculous life changing Power of God.

Dunamis, is the power that changes the Ordinary To The Extraordinary.
It is the power that changes simple fishermen into Fishers of Men and World Changers.

Dunamis is the Power of the Resurrection!
Dunamis is the Power of Pentecost!
Dunamis is the Power for every Believer!

Two thousand years ago, Jesus told his disciples, wait in Jerusalem until you are clothed with Power (Dunamis) from on High. And on the day of Pentecost, Jesus poured out the Promise of the Father (Holy Spirit), on all the believers gathered in Jerusalem.

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